60 years of Synchrotron Radiation in Japan (JPSR60)


We will celebrate 60 years of Synchrotron Radiation in Japan this year. Excellent speakers, who have a deep friendship with Japan, will give their wonderful invited talks. Our history will be reviewed by established Japanese scientists. Recent and emerging topics will be shared by our front runners.

カレンダーアイコン.png Date
October 24 (Tue) - 25 (Wed), 2023.
マップアイコン.png Venue
Okazaki Conference Center
This is a link to the bus timetable (Route 85 Higashi Okazaki Station South Exit).
Please get off at the first bus stop (OkazakiKoukouMae). It takes two minutes to the Conference Center (page 1).
The return bus stop is on the other side of the street (page 2).


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Links to Live streaming

Day1: Oct. 24, 13:00- (JST)
Day2: Oct. 25, 9:00- (JST)

Important dates (deadlines)
Poster presentation: Aug 31 (Thu), 17:00(JST).
Registration: Aug 31 (Thu), 17:00(JST).
Conference dinner: Aug 31 (Thu), 17:00(JST).

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Program (pdf ver. with poster program)

Day 1

12:30-13:00     Reception
Chair: Prof. Hitoshi Abe (KEK) 
13:00-13:05    Opening remarks
                      Prof. Shin-ichi Adachi (KEK)
13:05-13:10     Guest speech
                      TBA (MEXT)
13:10-13:40     Innovation and Discovery in Structural Biology Enabled by Synchrotron Radiation
                        – Japan and an International Perspective

                      Prof. Keith Hodgson (Stanford Univ.)
13:40-14:10     The Japanese Lightsource Experience – an international user perspective
                      Prof. Robert Lamb (The Univ. of Melbourne)
14:10-14:40     Coffee Break
Chair: Prof. Toshihiro Okajima (Aichi Synchrotron)
14:40-15:10     A Personal Journey on Coherent Diffractive Imaging with Synchrotron Radiation in Japan
                      Prof. Jianwei (John) Miao (UCLA)
15:10-15:40     Fruitful French-Japanese collaborations on synchrotron radiation and Free Electron Laser
                      Prof. Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie (SOLEIL)
15:40-16:10     Past, present and future of VUV synchrotron-radiationbased ARPES activity in Japan and Korea
                          Prof. Han Woong Yeom (Institute for Basic Science, Pohang Institute of Science and Technology)
16:10-16:40     Coffee Break
Chair: Dr. Toyohiko Kinoshita (JASRI)
16:40-17:10     From "Kamikaze" to Synchrotron Radiation 
                         Dr. Hideo Kitamura (RIKEN)
17:10-17:40    Personal remarks on the synchrotron radiation facilities in Japan
                         Prof. Toshiaki Ohta (Ritsumeikan Univ.)
17:40-18:10     Deeper materials sciences with use of synchrotron radiation in the last 47 years with international collaboration
                         Prof. Shigemasa Suga (Osaka Univ.)
18:10-18:25     Video message: From parasitic to dedicated use of Synchrotron Radiation
                         Dr. Christof Kunz (ex-ESRF Director)
18:25-18:30    Conference photo
18:30-20:45    Poster Session
18:45-20:45    Banquet

Day 2

Chair: Prof. Hiroki Wadati (University of Hyogo)
09:00-09:25    Evolution of synchrotron light sources in Japan – SACLA and beyond –
                       Dr. Makina Yabashi (RIKEN)
09:25-09:50    From Natural to Artificial Photosynthesis
                       Dr. Junko Yano (LBNL)
09:50-10:15     Synchrotron soft X-ray emission spectroscopy in the past 30 years and the next 10 years
                       Prof. Yoshihisa Harada (The Univ. of Tokyo)
10:15-10:45     Coffee Break
Chair: Prof. Yusuke Wakabayashi (Tohoku University)
10:45-11:10     Toward Next-Generation Coherent Diffraction Imaging
                      Prof. Yukio Takahashi (Tohoku Univ.)
11:10-11:35      NanoTerasu, a new 3GeV SR facility in Japan
                      Dr. Wataru Utsumi (QST)
11:35-12:00     SPring-8 Running Toward Future “MIRAI”
                         Dr. Yasutaka Nagai (Toyota Central R&D Labs Inc.)
12:00-12:10     Closing remarks
                         Dr. Tetsuya Ishikawa (RIKEN)

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Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research (JSSRR)


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Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center
Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo
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