Grades of membership include Member, Student Member, Affiliate Member, Special Affiliate Member, and Subscription Member.
Student membership includes several benefits.
Affiliate members are individuals or organizations who support society's objectives and wish to assist our operations.

Regular & Student Members

  • Regular membership is open to those with expertise in the field of synchrotron radiation research.
  • Student membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Membership must be approved by the JSSRR council.
  • The journal of the society will be distributed to all members (including student members).
  • Regular members (and student members) are invited to submit articles to the society journal. Suitability for publication will be considered by the society's editorial committee.
  • Regular members (and student members) are entitled to attend society events (including conferences, workshops, and site visits)

Annual Fee

The annual fee should be paid in advance. 

Regular 8,000 JPY*
Student 2,000 JPY*

*The fees for the first year of membership are reduced by 50% (4,000 JPY and 1,000 JPY).

  • We accept the online application for Regular and Student membership (*).
  • Students are required to upload proof of their identity when applying for membership.
  • Following receipt of your application, you will be contacted with further details, including payment options.

*For other memberships, please contact us.